Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brand Strategy

After a lot of research, survey and talking and meeting people I have come to this brand strategy which would help me design and establish a brand keeping the stake holders and the audience in mind and what about Aadi Aushadhi needs to be conveyed to the audience. Here is how it goes

To establish a brand which improves socio-economic condition of the tribals and preserve the medicinal plant species in the forest through the medium of proper branding and packaging for the products made by Aadi Aushadhi Group.

To give people a healthy lifestyle by making purely organic and unadulterated herbal products and grow as an individual as well as a group globally through effective marketing and designing of the products.

Psychographics :
-Local village market who trust natural form of medicines and cannot afford allopathy

-Middle class who believe in natural treatment who also use
allopathy but they are aware of the benefits and also it is less costly compared to other forms of medicine

-Rich people who buy only branded products

The Strategy
Creating a brand which uses traditional methods in contemporary way, reflecting the roots and its purity.

Identity and packaging should show that Aadi Aushadhi is not just about its herbal products. It should also show
- genuinely pure, organic and unadulterated product
- maintaining forest and the medicinal plant species
- helping people live a better life
who help themselves.

The design should be clean, not too corporate, raw but contemporary and simple.

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