Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Final logo!!!!

Finaly!! final logo was chosen and all set to be used in collaterals. Clients and my boss were quiet happy with it since it fulfilled all the requirements and it looked also quiet appealing and soothing and more importantly organic.

Tweak here tweak there

Tweaking always looks like very less work but it takes a lot of time in adjusting 1mm here and 2mm there, but it does make a lot of difference to the way it looks in the end. Drawing and scanning various shapes and sizes and combinations of the logo, here are the digitized format of the same.

Final Tweaking was done using grid. In the 1st iteration I was trying to join the curve of the human figure with the curve of the leaf in a way that it looks continuous but it looked kind of funny because the white space around it was forming head of a bird but not properly so I tweaked it a little more in 2nd iteration and made it look like a bird since here we are talking about nature.

Next step was to choose appropriate color. To make it look organic and since there are leaves I thought of using yellow or green and since I have used a warli man here I wanted it to be brown.

I personally liked 2nd row extreme right one. 1st green one looked artificial, yellow and bluish gree one also looked fake, my clients liked the gradient but the most like were centre row 2nd and 3rd one.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Iterations digitized

Digitizing anything gives a completely different feel, somehow i feel it becomes more neater and clearer which is not needed in all the cases.

The "a to a" logo looks neater and sharper but still it lacks something. It looks weak. I felt like I can do much better.
Like I said digitizing doesnt work always....this one looked much better in just pencil..here it looks poisonous and so not organic...but since everyone had like the form of it I explored it even further.
nI divided 1 flower into 2 with 2 "A's" now...but it looks very much forced...even with different colors and changing orientation it doesnt work quite well.
The concept behind this one is self help by protecting nature. I was very much fascinated by the warli paintings and arrangements of each of its elements and so I tried using only warli art. The bunch of lines that 2 people are holding is a plant in warli paintings. Here there is very less attention towards nature which was not acceptable since in the end this logo is going to go on the products and it needed to show nature. Also it looked too stiff and geometric.
This one worked the best amongst all of them. I worked with different arrangement of leaves but the alternate one worked the best...This logo was finalized then since it had a strong concept base and the form too worked nicely..looks organic and not too sophisticated and shows the social aspect to the group.

3 ideas for logo to be worked on

I sat with my boss and both of us discussed on which one works the best.
The concept behind this one was becoming national from local through the medium of nature. I've hindi "a" and gujarati "a" to show the same. The concept was working somewhat but the form looked weak and it dint show the social aspect, so basically it can work if worked upon.

The idea behind this one was to show growth through nature and I have tried to show 2 hindi "a" but obviously its not clear and looks forced but the form was interesting so I was to explore it more.
This one had the strongest concept which was, working together closely with nature and protecting themselves by protecting nature and the concept of self-help. I was thinking of how can show I teamwork and I thought of how people make a pyramid in Janmashtami to break the matki and to make it look local I used warli art to show people since its the simplest human form and art in South Gujarat is somewhat like warli. But the form as a whole looked too cliche and overdone so it need to be explored more.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Logo-initial sketches

People ignore design that ignores people.Frank Chimero

From all the talks that I have had with everyone from the stake holders to others involved in project one thing was sure that people involved and their relationship with nature make what the group is now and what it will be later in future also and the above saying sums it all up.

Before starting to design logo I picked up a few words, phrases and objects that can be illustrated in the logo, like "entrepreneurship at work", " team-work", "pure, natural, unadulterated", "self-help", "local to national", "mountains", "leaves", "protection", etc. which basically gives a good understanding about the group and their products.

So here are a few sketches....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3rd review summary

20th August’10
Panel Members: Kumkum, Dharma, Jyothsna

-Showed sketches and ideas of logo. I am asked to iterate a few.

-need to make 2 presentations regarding research and design brief which would lead me
to brand strategy that need to be submitted by 30th aug.

-need to make moodboard which would help me come up with more identity ideas.

-next meeting on 28th sep at 3pm

Brand Strategy

After a lot of research, survey and talking and meeting people I have come to this brand strategy which would help me design and establish a brand keeping the stake holders and the audience in mind and what about Aadi Aushadhi needs to be conveyed to the audience. Here is how it goes

To establish a brand which improves socio-economic condition of the tribals and preserve the medicinal plant species in the forest through the medium of proper branding and packaging for the products made by Aadi Aushadhi Group.

To give people a healthy lifestyle by making purely organic and unadulterated herbal products and grow as an individual as well as a group globally through effective marketing and designing of the products.

Psychographics :
-Local village market who trust natural form of medicines and cannot afford allopathy

-Middle class who believe in natural treatment who also use
allopathy but they are aware of the benefits and also it is less costly compared to other forms of medicine

-Rich people who buy only branded products

The Strategy
Creating a brand which uses traditional methods in contemporary way, reflecting the roots and its purity.

Identity and packaging should show that Aadi Aushadhi is not just about its herbal products. It should also show
- genuinely pure, organic and unadulterated product
- maintaining forest and the medicinal plant species
- helping people live a better life
who help themselves.

The design should be clean, not too corporate, raw but contemporary and simple.