Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 ideas for logo to be worked on

I sat with my boss and both of us discussed on which one works the best.
The concept behind this one was becoming national from local through the medium of nature. I've hindi "a" and gujarati "a" to show the same. The concept was working somewhat but the form looked weak and it dint show the social aspect, so basically it can work if worked upon.

The idea behind this one was to show growth through nature and I have tried to show 2 hindi "a" but obviously its not clear and looks forced but the form was interesting so I was to explore it more.
This one had the strongest concept which was, working together closely with nature and protecting themselves by protecting nature and the concept of self-help. I was thinking of how can show I teamwork and I thought of how people make a pyramid in Janmashtami to break the matki and to make it look local I used warli art to show people since its the simplest human form and art in South Gujarat is somewhat like warli. But the form as a whole looked too cliche and overdone so it need to be explored more.

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