Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tweak here tweak there

Tweaking always looks like very less work but it takes a lot of time in adjusting 1mm here and 2mm there, but it does make a lot of difference to the way it looks in the end. Drawing and scanning various shapes and sizes and combinations of the logo, here are the digitized format of the same.

Final Tweaking was done using grid. In the 1st iteration I was trying to join the curve of the human figure with the curve of the leaf in a way that it looks continuous but it looked kind of funny because the white space around it was forming head of a bird but not properly so I tweaked it a little more in 2nd iteration and made it look like a bird since here we are talking about nature.

Next step was to choose appropriate color. To make it look organic and since there are leaves I thought of using yellow or green and since I have used a warli man here I wanted it to be brown.

I personally liked 2nd row extreme right one. 1st green one looked artificial, yellow and bluish gree one also looked fake, my clients liked the gradient but the most like were centre row 2nd and 3rd one.

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