Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Iterations digitized

Digitizing anything gives a completely different feel, somehow i feel it becomes more neater and clearer which is not needed in all the cases.

The "a to a" logo looks neater and sharper but still it lacks something. It looks weak. I felt like I can do much better.
Like I said digitizing doesnt work always....this one looked much better in just it looks poisonous and so not organic...but since everyone had like the form of it I explored it even further.
nI divided 1 flower into 2 with 2 "A's" now...but it looks very much forced...even with different colors and changing orientation it doesnt work quite well.
The concept behind this one is self help by protecting nature. I was very much fascinated by the warli paintings and arrangements of each of its elements and so I tried using only warli art. The bunch of lines that 2 people are holding is a plant in warli paintings. Here there is very less attention towards nature which was not acceptable since in the end this logo is going to go on the products and it needed to show nature. Also it looked too stiff and geometric.
This one worked the best amongst all of them. I worked with different arrangement of leaves but the alternate one worked the best...This logo was finalized then since it had a strong concept base and the form too worked nicely..looks organic and not too sophisticated and shows the social aspect to the group.

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